Ms. J. Lai, age: 28

I started having hay fever when I was in elementary school. By the time I studied at UBC, my hay fever became so severe that my grades suffered tremendously. While studying at UBC, I tried many different treatments with no success. Antihistamine could not control my allergy at all. In my 4th year, my mother bought me a bottle of G-Way Reishi Essence to try out. After taking G-Way Reishi Essence for a few months, my allergy symptoms reduced significantly. Since then, my allergy symptoms have been well controlled by taking both G-Way Reishi Essence and antihistamine.

Mr. C.F. Chan, age: 34

My grandmother was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer 9 years ago. The cancer also metastasized to her bones. Her oncologist told her that she only had a few more months left. I saw my grandmother suffering from the cancer symptoms, as well as the side effects from her radiation treatment. I was so devastated that I could not help her. Fortunately, I heard about G-Way Reishi Essence, and I supplied my grandmother with this wonderful product. I could see my grandmother’s quality of life improved tremendously. For example, her appetite returned, her energy level increased, and her interaction with family members improved. In fact, she lived for another 18 months with good quality of life. She even witnessed the birth of her grandson. Although my grandmother is now gone, I know with the help of G-Way Reishi Essence, she was doing much better than other patients we met in the hospital.

Mrs. C. Leung, age: 72

I got Hepatitis C when I was pregnant over 30 years ago. Unfortunately, my baby was also diagnosed with Hepatitis C positive, too. So I was very cautious about our daily diet. About ten years ago, my friend introduced Reishi to me. She said Reishi was good for the liver and it could protect my liver from cirrhosis or cancer. Since then my son and I have started taking G-Way Reishi Essence from that time. My son is 34 years old now. The doctor said his liver is doing well and mine too. So we will maintain our healthy diet, and keep taking G-Way Reishi Essence every day.

Ms. K. Fung, age: 30

When I was 20, my doctor told me that I had diabetes. I didn’t need to take medicine yet, but I needed to watch out my diet; I couldn’t eat sweets, and I couldn’t eat food with too much starch. I tried different herbs to control my glucose level, but I still felt tired all the time. Then I began taking G-Way Reishi Essence, and I started having more energy during my daytime work, sleeping well at night, and also having my glucose level well controlled too.

Mr. R Chan, age: 48

Due to my work, I need to drink a lot alcoholic beverages and sleep late to entertain my business clients. And I had been a smoker for more than ten years. My wife said these habits were not good for my liver. So three years ago, I quit smoking and started taking G-Way Reishi Essence every day. Although I still need to drink and sleep late all the time, many friends and co-workers said I look a lot healthier than before.

Mr. C Chan, age: 70

I was diagnosed with hypertension almost 20 years ago and was prescribed with Metoprolol 100mg daily. At that time, my blood pressure fluctuated a lot. Even with the medication, the systolic blood pressure was always over 140 and the diastolic blood pressure was always around 90-95. I moved to Vancouver, BC in 2001 and my friend introduced me about G-Way Reishi Essence. I took it since then. For the past 10 years, my blood pressure has been within the normal range (around 125/85) and the dosage of Metoprolol was decreased to 50mg daily in year 2003. I am so happy that G-Way Reishi Essence helps me in maintaining my hypertension condition, as I am really afraid of the negative effects of taking too much hypertension medications, such as kidney failure and heart problems.